Applications can force a reboot in Windows 8

Ok, this is something I haven't seen before. I had to run the Google Software Removal Tool after an annoying bit of software kept changing my home page in Chrome.

At the end of running it it said a restart is required. Fair enough, no problems there. So I say OK expecting it either to directly shut down the computer or for windows to ask me. What happened was odd.

Windows displayed one of those banners, like it does when you shut down with applications running and it asks you if you want to force close the programs which aren't closing? Except it just has the text "A tool is requesting a reboot" with the only option being "Close". I really wish I had the chance to take a picture of it. So I select close to dismiss the banner expecting to be able to choose to cancel it (I was in the middle of something...) or continue but didn't get the opportunity. Apparently that banner exists just to tell you it is happening, I guess? But because it is a full screen banner I was unable to do anything such as save my work or send that e-mail I was writing. It was just a message to let you know what it is doing. It didn't even say which program had requested the reboot, which would be actual useful information to have.

I can sort of see the useful aspect of having this come up when something is trying to restart my computer, that is pretty smart. I can't see the point of it if when happens I have no control to stop it or save work and no information if it wasn't coming from a source I expected. Frankly, it was very annoying.