C++11/14/17 Examples

If you have been keeping up with the latest in C++ news then you will have seen that C++17 has been finalised. Although the features of the update have been pretty consistent for a while now and support is getting there for most common compilers.

Some of the more obviously useful parts of the revision have been covered quite nicely in samples and tutorials. For some of the less well-known features there is a lack of samples and guides on how to best use them, especially for some of the more obscure parts of the library additions. 

To try and alleviate this, I have began to build a repository of every function and language feature of C++11/14/17. This can be found on github

It includes my own written samples for features where I couldn't find a good sample or use-case online as well as samples taken from cppreference.com and AnthonyCalandra/modern-cpp-features and other places (documented in the code) where the License was permissible.

The aim of the project is to produce a repository of samples which can be compiled and tested and kept up to date with the latest compiler support.

There is a still a lot missing in my library coverage map (this can be found for each revision in the root directory as C++_11_lib.csv etc.) but it is well on the way to being a usable resource.

You can find the repo below, please feel free to contribute and fix any dumb mistakes I may have made: